Ernesto de Angelis


Violin n.116 – Year 1999

Violin n.118 – year 1999

Original Ernesto de Angelis owned by “The String House of Rochester U.S.A.” – 1531 Monroe Ave., Rochester, NY 14618

Violin year 1991. This violin is part of their collection, not for sale and inserted in the “fine instruments collection” and described as “instruments that represent this segment of our inventory are of the very finest quality.”

Cello n.46 year 1992

This Cello has been donated, after the death of the owner Christopher Reist, to the “Scuola Civica di Musica per l’Ogliastra”.

Viola 112

Each work has always been sold with an accompanying card in which Ernesto accurately described the characteristics of the instrument, colour and particularities accompanied by detailed photos and the signature of its author.